Good, efficient Combined Heat and power unit, nice and quiet with a long warranty for peace of mind. Following the installation of my Energimizer CHP  3 years on we have been more than pleased with the performance of this unit. It is quiet, very efficient and totally reliable

HEVAC Prompt service, cant do enough to help. Energy savings to date £95000

Rudding Park Spa

Outstanding energy savings we have 2 Energimizer units installed in our student accommodation in Glasgow. Hevac supplied and maintain both, our energy savings in 4 years £170,000, A worthy Investment,

Vita Building Glasgow

We are a multi disciplined M and E Design practice, HEVAC have assisted ourselves and our clients

We have found at design stage their detailed knowledge of systems and their Know how on how to integrate various Technologies into building services is second to none. They always seem to have the answer regardless of the difficulty, mechanical, electrical, BMS interface and the Bonus is that its really great kit.

Henderson Warnock Glasgow